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Mayonaka Densha -- Speshul Feeechures! Pt. 10

Speshul Feeechures! Pt. 10

10th Feb 2012, 1:53 PM

Speshul Feeechures! Pt. 10
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HimitsuNotebook on 10th Feb 2012, 1:53 PM

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For those of you who don't know, due to the fact that I have finished uploading my entire backlog of comics and Volume 13 is as of yet unfinished, beginning March I shall upload the volume page by page (Unless I can finish Volume 13 before the end of this month). So from here on out I'll most likely not be able to upload whole volumes at a time any more. Sorry!

There was no Speshul Feeechures last volume, so have this extra big doodle dump to make up for it! I took some requests (And added in a thing or two of my own) and compiled them into a big ass doodle dump!

We have:
-Hatsune and Tom general fluffiness as per request of vampireknightluver92
- Jessica/Jack and Jessica with riding crop stuff requested by JessaJakeJimJam
- Modern!MD (Tom and Hats dressed up like Sherlock and Watson) requested by Kotone-chan333
- Morris on a unicorn requested by Sneeze
- The cast in Gothic Lolita (Jack refused to participate) requested by Soralliena
- Jack and Hats trying to be nice to eachother requested by AuroraPupXoxo
- Morris trying to convince Hats and Tom to let him keep a cat requested by MrFreeTime

and Hatsune wearing Cybils AMAZING harem pants from Downton Abbey and Hatsune as a WWI nurse as per me.


And Jess, no, a threeway is not the answer to your fiance troubles.

(That was also my idea)

I'll do another one at the end of Volume 13, ANY REQUESTS GAIZ? 8D

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ThornsInOurSide on 10th Feb 2012, 10:25 PM

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Haha, I see a pony!

Kuria Erīsu on 15th Feb 2012, 7:32 PM

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Morris on the Unicorn is just so cute!!!

And Tom and Hats as Sherlock and Watson is so cute!!


MrFreeTime - DeviantArt on 17th Feb 2012, 3:38 AM

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xD thanks, and that cat has a funny expression so adorable~, and looks out of place cuz it's like a chibi i guess, regardless compared to the art style of the rest it's odd, but it's still cute~ Lol, "what are you planing to feed it - CANDY!" /rofl, though I'm thinking...."Even if it ate candy, wouldn't morris complain he won't get any of it?" xD, lookin forward to more =D, and morris on the unicorn should totally be a stuffed animal =P.
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