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Mayonaka Densha -- Characters


  Hatsune "Hats" Rondo (16) born to a neglecting Japanese mother and an estranged British father, grew up somewhat isolated and cynical, distancing herself from Japanese culture, instead taking an interest in "traditionally" British things like Sherlock Holmes and tea. Hatsune is also very well read, and taught herself to read from a very young age. She cares deeply for those close to her, but often acts on impulse or makes stupid decisions which often result in people getting hurt but she is always quick to realise the error of her ways and will always apologise. Hatsune, most of the time is a generally friendly and good humoured character but is prone to odd emotional outbursts on occasion. She is also a very quick learner.

She falls deeply in love with Tom, is in a rather violent love-hate relationship with Jack and see's Morris as a cute (albiet annoying) younger brother. Her admiration and fangirlism for Sherlock knows no bounds.


Thomas "Tom" Bellman (16) worked his fingers to the bone from the day he knew how (So much so he neglected to learn how to read), doing odd jobs building as many relationships as he could with the residents of London town. His real parents whereabouts are unknown but until he was aged 14 he lived with Sherlock, although he was more raised by Mrs Hudson than anyone else. Tom is the type that is naturally liked by all due to his politeness, caring nature and willingness to work. In spite of this he can also be possesive and clingy, and occasionally guilty of emotional blackmail.

He considers Hatsune a very good friend, her being his roommate and all, but is endlessly curious as to her true story, constantly feeling like she isn't giving him the whole story (Of course, that's true). He and Jack have been best friends since their very early childhood. He also admires Sherlock, but nowhere near as much as Hatsune.

Unbeknownst to Tom himself, he has more than a few secret admirers.


  Jack Terry (17) It is unknown to all save for his closest friend Tom what happened to Jack's parents or what happened to him that would cause him to grow into the violent and rude young man he is. Literally Tom's polar opposite, Jack is a brash, mysognistic character who holds nothing but contempt for most of his fellow human beings (Especially Hatsune), save for Morris and Tom. He has a rather bad reputation for picking fights with other street urchins for no particular reason, is foul mouthed and generally makes no attempt to be friendly to anyone, with little regard to upsetting people. Despite this, Jack has exhibited he has a kinder side in his unwavering devotion to Tom and his friendship with a young girl named Neelah, apparently the only member of the female persuasion he can actually tolerate. He harbours some respect for Hatsune, but would never admit it.  Also, he is a smart person, who like Hatsune taught himself to read at a young age and can be quite perceptive.

The only person he hates more than Hatsune is Jessica Queen.


  Morris Redwood (15) His origins origins are shrouded in mystery, and what exactly is afflicting him is completely unknown. Despite being 15, Morris possesses both the appearance and mental capacity of a very young child. He is loud, bubbly and energetic to a fault, described by Sherlock as a "bull in a china shop" hence Sherlock's often reluctance to let him join investigations. Not that that stops him, Morris has a penchant for showing up uninvited and ruining the Irregulars best laid plans (So much so, one has to wonder if he's doing it on purpose). He loves all of his friends dearly and feels the need to remind them of this fact the top of his lungs. He also prefers just to cling to people like a monkey rather than walk.

He has absolutely NO indoor voice. At all. He also likes toffee apples, lemonade and other sweets. Another fact he reminds people of alot.




  Jessica Queen (16) was born into the lap of luxury. fortunate enough to be a member of the extremely wealthy and influencial Queen family. Her mother, Agatha Queen, paid her very little attention from a young age, going through three different divorces. Jessica took an interest in things such as masquerade balls, swordfighting and the criminal lifestyle. A short stint in the circus upped her agility and gymnastic skills, and a culmination of events eventually lead her to become the mysterious jewel-stealing Scarlet Midnight Theif, for no other reason than thrills. As a person, Jessica Queen is rude and arrogant, but has a good sense of humour and some semblance of an attachement to the Irregulars. Her isolated upbringing has left her with tragically poor social skills. She is well aware of what she is doing wrong and that she is upsetting people but is completely unable to act any other way,

Unforunately for her, Jessica falls head over heels in love with Jack at first sight but to say her feelings are unrequited would be an understatement.


Sherlock Holmes (46) is a man who really needs no introduction, the deduction legend himself. When not solving cases and giving criminals a run for their money, Sherlock usually finds his restless mind drifting to other pursuits such as cocaine. He acts as a mentor for the Irregulars, keeping a rather close eye on them to begin with, but soon allowing them more freedom to take on cases alone. Sherlock has something of a history with Irene Adler, the true nature of their relationship kept somewhat ambiguos.

Irene Adler (45) is an ex-opera singer, and the only woman ever able to outsmart Holmes, Irene Adler despite gentle appearences is a force to be reckoned with. During the year, she travels around the globe, returning to London occasionally to visit Sherlock, many a colourful story under her belt. Tom, along with most of the world, seem to be under the misguided impression that she and Holmes are lovers.

Jack the Ripper (??) Very little is known to anyone about the Ripper, all anyone knows is the man (or woman?) is severely psychopathic and handy with a blade. His kill count so far amounts to 5, and it only looks to keep rising from here on out. Not only has he managed to elude the police more times than one can count, he also has managed the nigh impossible task of completely eluding Sherlock in every sense of the word.


  Constance Paquin (16) is a matchgirl currently striking due to the poor factory conditions who has taken something of a shine to Tom. Immediately upon the arrival of Hatsune, Constance recognises that her territory is threatened, and makes no attempt to hide her contempt for our heroine. Constance's attraction to Tom is long running but based almost entirely on his appearance and the very little of his personality she has gleamed from their occasional conversation and her frequent watching him from a distance. Aside from being shallow and jealous, Constance exhibits her ability to be a perfectly unpleasant and selfish human being on more than one occasion.


  John Watson (46) Despite his major role in the original Sherlock Holmes series, Watson kind of drew the short end of the stick here as his appearances so far could be counted on one hand. He can usually be found in the background, bickering with Sherlock and rocking his awesome tache. Needless to say, the fangirl in Hatsune is powerless against his awe inspiring manliness.


  Mrs Hudson (52) is Sherlock's landlady and not much else. So much so apparently that she doesn't even warrant a first name. Her role so far seems to be consigned to answering the door, getting annoyed at Sherlock and his wanton flat destruction and holding peoples coats. One major thing to note about Mrs Hudson is that she did have quite a large role in raising young orphan Tom, although she always kept a very nanny-like demeanour as opposed to motherly, preventing him from getting too attached to her.


  Agatha Hamilton-Carter Queen (40) is Jessica Queen's quick tempered, haughty, money obsessed mother who is deeply ashamed of her daughters atypical behavior and constant disobedience. The two of them have a very turbulant relationship to say the very least. Agatha is completely unaware of Jessica's night time jewel snatching activities, but is still constantly suspicious of her daughter for whatever reason. Agatha owns the Queen estate alone, three failed marriages in her wake.


  Neelah Chinnappan (7) A young Indian girl from a very poor family who is somewhat besotted with Jack, having known him from a very young age. Luckily for her, she happens to be more or less the only girl that Jack and tolerate and will actively make an effort to be nice to. Neelah worries constantly about Jack living on the streets, wishing he would come and stay with her and her family. Jack is much too proud to accept her help though.


Louis Morecambe


Inspector Gregory Lestrade


Inspector Curtis Blackburn