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Behold! The delightful gallery of curiosities from my DeviantART account and various other delicious things that pertain to Mayonaka Densha in some way or another.


Official Artwork





Doodles and Concepts





Come feast yer peepers on glorious fan art of yore! Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, of Comicfury, deviantART and all around the interwebs for all these beautiful gifts!


by TanteiSakana By SapphiraHiro By Omfgashineko By JimmyPat By Gracilau By Ayumux By xseraphiim By Elissa By Ryan C. By JustNoPoint By Macey


I will love you for 42 flavours of forever if you take the time to draw me fanart, it really makes my week to recieve any sort of artwork. Any fanart is accepted with open arms! ^o^